La Quinta Visa to Transition to FNBO BucksBack (2% Cashback on All Purchases)

We previously wrote about the upcoming changes/discontinuation for the La Quinta Rewards Visa. After reaching out to FNBO for comment we can confirm the following:


  • Current cardholders will be transitioned to the BucksBack program and earn 2 points back on each $1.00 of net purchases.
  • No limit on points earned.
  • Points expire after 3 years of when they are awarded.
  • Points can be redeemed at a minimum of 2,500/$25 as a statement credit, ACH deposit to an FNBO checking or savings account, or via physical check.
  • If your account is open and in good standing in the second half of October 2017 you will receive your new BucksBack card in the mail.


Our Take

It's fantastic to see several 2% back options popping up in recent years such as the Citi Double Cash, Fidelity Rewards Visa, and the FNBO BucksBack. While the BucksBack is not a new product and has been discussed by the fantastic Doctor of Credit back in 2015 it comes from FNBO, a very small issuer, and is limited to applicants in the following states: CO, IL, IA, KS, NE, SD, and TX. What's interesting to see is that they are offering this product conversion to current holders of the La Quinta Visa who may or may not reside in the aforementioned states. I personally do not live in any of those states and will be receiving this card. Hopefully this means we'll begin to see a roll out of the BucksBack program to more potential cardholders. A call to FNBO confirmed that the BucksBack card is available for application via phone for individuals in the aforementioned states despite there being no trace of it on the FNBO website and I doubt they would issue a conversion to the BucksBack if they had intentions of axing the program anytime soon.

The BucksBack has no annual fee and no limit on points earned which are big positives but the card still comes with foreign transaction fees and has no signup bonus. While the card is a fantastic option for people being transitioned to it from the La Quinta Visa most people are probably better off applying for the Fidelity Visa in conjunction with their excellent checking account product with ATM fee reimbursements and grabbing the $100 offer that pops up from time to time or product changing from a Citi credit card.