Starbucks Offering $10 Bonus Gift Card Through Visa Checkout

Starbucks is currently offering a promotion through their partnership with Visa Checkout where you will earn a $10 bonus gift card after loading $10 or more with Visa Checkout in the Starbucks app. The $10 bonus code will be emailed to you within 24 hours after completing your initial purchase.


This promotion has been making its rounds on the internet but one point that is overlooked by most is Starbucks' Gift Card cash-out policy! If you live in the state of California or find yourself in the golden state for business or leisure you can actually walk into any Starbucks and request them to give you cash in exchange for a gift card that has $10 or less on it. This is a state-mandated law for businesses to offer cash-outs on gift cards of low denominations. If you ask the cashier nicely they will be happy to cash out your gift card for you. $10 free Starbucks! This promotion is limited quantity so act quickly.