Wells Fargo Offering Bonuses on Cash Wise Visa + Wells Fargo Rewards Card

If you are familiar with the credit card churning hobby to any degree you will know that Wells Fargo is notoriously bad about offering credit card incentives unlike its competitors. Wells Fargo offers a paltry line up of cards compared to big players in the credit card game such as Chase and Citi and to my knowledge there are currently no publicly available co-branded credit cards offered by Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo is able to skate by without offering these incentives due largely in part to the fact that it is the third largest bank in the United States as well as the fact that a large number of Wells Fargo's customer base is made up of students or young adults with thin credit files.


As reported first on Doctor of Credit WF is now offering a $150 bonus after $1,000 in spend on two of their credit cards. While normally I would not recommend applying for these cards directly, even with this bonus, since you can easily earn more than $150 for the cost of a hard credit pull, I can see the use of these offers now if you were eyeing WF for their generous Cellular Telephone Protection benefit which is offered on all of their credit cards.


I decided to pull the trigger on both the Cash Wise and the Wells Fargo Rewards card since it has been reported that multiple WF inquiries made in the same day are combined. Was instantly approved for the Cash Wise and received pending on the second application. Wells Fargo, you tease! There is a fine print stipulation on all Wells Fargo credit card applications that bonuses are not available to you if you have received another Wells Fargo bonus in the last 16 months but there are various conflicting data points across the web about if this is enforced or not. Worst case scenario I only receive $150 and cell phone insurance, best case scenario I receive $300 and cell phone insurance.


"Be the data point you want to see!"


Personally, I will be using the Cash Wise as my new dedicated cell phone card since, although there are multiple cards that offer between 3%-5% on telecommunication purchases I figure that the value lost by using the 1.5% Cash Wise is made up for by the insurance.