What is Ikigai travel?

Ikigai Travel is a philanthropic travel and lifestyle website geared towards highlighting the positive effects of nonprofits and charitable organizations. We use frequent flyer miles, hotel loyalty points, and other rewards programs to fuel our extensive travel to faraway destinations and along the way we hope to show you the positive impacts that nonprofits and charitable organizations are having in the world today.

Nonprofits and charitable organizations across the globe assist those in need on a daily basis and often times receive little to no recognition for their actions. Ikigai Travel hopes to put the focus back on these organizations through our series titled Spotlight, a monthly short film that highlights a specific organization or cause that is currently having a positive impact in their community.


Our Mission

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that effectively translates to "a reason for being." According to the Japanese, everyone has their own Ikigai and they believe that through meditation, introspection, and a search for one's self, it is possible for one to discover their own Ikigai and bring satisfaction and meaning to life.

Ikigai Travel started as an idea that through a strong will to travel, responsible financial stewardship, and a desire to do good, anyone can make a difference in the lives of others. We here at Ikigai Travel take that belief very seriously and that is why we have decided to pledge a portion of our profits to charitable organizations and nonprofits of viewers' choice.

Beginning in Q1 of 2019 and every quarter thereafter 10% of all profits generated by this site and all of its related content will be donated directly to a nonprofit or charitable organization of viewers' choice at the end of each fiscal quarter. A page will be set up at ikigaitravel.com/quarterlydonation where all contributions we make can be viewed.

Our mission is to serve as a spotlight for the organizations and charities across the world that do good in their respective communities. We exist to bring awareness to topics or issues we believe are important, and we exist in the hopes that, through our travels, we can highlight the positive impacts of charitable organizations both at home and abroad to encourage people to perform acts of kindness and do good in their own communities.

"Ikigai Travel started as a way of facing my troubles head on and taking a stand against Cystic Fibrosis. Thousands of children across the globe are born with life-threatening medical conditions every single day. While this is a topic close to my own heart, it merely scratches the surface of the issues being faced by people from all walks of life in both the United States and abroad. I live my life upon a basic principle that all life has deep, inherent value that cannot be taken away, and I believe that there exists within every human being an inherent desire to do good. Humans thrive off of social connections, and they desire to network and interact with the world around them. Through Ikigai Travel, Julie, Pesto, and I hope to bring awareness to many of the issues being faced by people across the globe and we hope to encourage people to build better relationships within their homes and their communities."

-Nick, Founding Partner & CEO of Ikigai Travel


About Us


During his junior year of high school Ikigai Travel co-founder Nick was blindsided by a diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis, a degenerative disease of the lungs. There are many forms of CF, and although it is a treatable disease, it is not currently curable. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the average lifespan of individuals with a single mutation of CF is 37 years of age. Nicholas' double mutation is exceedingly rare. Of the 4 known individuals with his same double mutation Nick is the first to live past the age of 19. Following his diagnosis, Nick left behind his pursuit of a profession in music production and live performance to instead make it his mission to travel the world with the time he has left and experience all the things it has to offer.


After meeting the love of his life in the not-so-romantic setting of a fast food restaurant, where they both worked in high school, Nick, his girlfriend Julie, and Pesto, their pug, embarked on a mission together to use airline miles, hotel points, and other loyalty programs to fuel their love of travel, to enable them to perform philanthropic acts through Ikigai Travel, and to highlight the efforts of others through Spotlight.


We hope that this website brings joy to others, especially those who struggle with life-threatening medical conditions, and encourages everyone to never stop battling whatever odds seem to be working against them at work, home, or in their personal lives.


You WILL get through it.